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December 2015
TickeTing Inc. was created with my colleagues Sven James, Ashton Fearon, and Devin Jeffrey, and started as an app which sold event tickets. Since then we have evolved the company into being a holistic and 100% paperless ticket management solution.

We developed in-house a reusable NFC card network (TickeTing XPressCard) which allowed persons who wanted to purchase tickets with cash to go to one of our vendors and load their cards with event tickets.

Other tools/services we provide include:
-real time event sales stats, data visualization, and analytics
-event management portal
-event staffing
-gate management

Our system now has over 30k users, 500 promoters, and has sold over 300k tickets in Antigua (population 100k). Our plan now is to start expanding the company to the other islands in the Caribbean.

Download the app.