Lake and Kentish logo

The Scoop

The guys over at Lake & Kentish called me in to help them create a new identity for their law firm. They were really interested in getting something fresh and youthful, while maintaining in some way the sense of “legacy” associated with their well established firm.

The design challenge here was finding that balance of “youth” and “legacy” that could be represented in a logo, which their partners (aged 25-“experienced”) would feel proud and comfortable standing behind.

The usual starting process of “meeting, research, bad sketches, more research, not-so-bad sketches” was employed, and then the “Eureka” moment to create heraldic arms came during a casual conversation in a meeting.

I made some calls, shot a few emails off, and got in contact with some people who both created and blazoned arms. This pointed my research towards specific books, articles, images, blogs, etc. that focused on arms and their history. That’s when I realized how meticulous and complicated creating arms was.

arms drawing on paper

First “blank” arms sketch

I’ll spare the bore of too many details on what happened next, but basically some sketches were done of varying elements and concepts (including typography). Then came digital renderings, and finally the client-designer tennis match to nail exactly what worked for them ensued.

Logo Arms Drafts

A few of the digitized arms drafts

Some more cool stuff for Lake and Kentish will be on the way in the near future, so stay tuned!