• directorate of gender affairs gbsv database

  • directorate of gender affairs gbsv database
  • directorate of gender affairs gbsv database
  • directorate of gender affairs gbsv database

The Scoop

I teamed up with Sven James & Devin Jeffrey of Code Hut Solutions once again to tackle the creation of the Gender Based Sexual Violence (GBSV) Case Filing Database for the Directorate of Gender Affairs in Antigua. The project was overseen by some representatives from the United Nations, and involved all of the stakeholders partnering with the Directorate on GBSV cases (police, health services, major support groups, etc.).

The purpose of this project was to create one electronic database that would collect data on all reported/suspected GBSV cases for the stakeholder entities to use. In the second phase of this project, this data would then fuel the analytical system where graphs and charts can be created on the fly for any parameters needed.

To start off, we had numerous round table meetings with the heads of all of these entities in order to find out what they expected out of this system, and what provisions they needed that were unique to them. Then we collectively worked on creating a more relevant standardized form for GBSV case data collection, and used this new form as the foundation for the case filing system.

Now given the nature of GBSV cases and the level of confidentiality that is associated with them, we also had to create a user management system that had a prime focus on limiting accessibility and accountability. This system gave the Directorate the power to do things such as:

  • create users and organizations for them to belong to
  • control who gets to see what data, and manage the levels of clearance for system’s users
  • lock and unlock certain sensitive information
  • search for and edit/update cases
  • use the access log to see who has been editing or viewing every bit of case data, and when

As this is not a public facing system and it deals with sensitive information, the actual database cannot be provided for viewing. However, we do have a sandbox version created specifically for clients that may be interested in testing out a similarly functioning system. A link to it as well as access credentials can be provided on request.