The Scoop

The good folks at Carib Boats came to me wanting a website they can essentially use as an online showroom for their new, used,  and customizable boats. When said like that it may seem like a simple enough task but in actuality it was quite the undertaking.

The process started out with some good old-fashioned system mapping. We spent an afternoon listing all the core functions of the site, taking that information and creating a system that would accommodate them, and finally mapping it all out to show every single decision point an end user would be presented with at any time.

Creating the site's system

Creating the site’s system

Next it was off to the harbors to conduct some impromptu interviews with potential core users to get a better feel of what they’d want out of a “hypothetical” site catered to them. That research not only yielded a list of end user needs, but also leads to other websites and companies to assess.

With all the research and planning completed, I obviously could not execute this project alone. I enlisted the help of the guys at Quick Panda over in Romania, who are some of the best and most professional “devs” I’ve ever worked with.

We decided to build the site on the AutoTrader framework, and the next few weeks found us working closely via Skype every day.

At the end of it all, the Carib Boats website was created and launched. Feel free to check it out on your mobile devices as well.