bbac 10 logo GuavaDeArtist

The Scoop

My good friend Daree puts on this party every year called BBAC and with this being the 10th one, he had my other friend Terryl and I come together to make a combination mark for the event. Terryl who is also known as GuavaDeArtist is probably the most amazing illustrator I know, and was also one of the most supportive persons I had around when I was a thinking about becoming a designer. With all that being said and him being in Antigua taking a break from life in Japan, I couldn’t let the chance to work on my first project with him go by.

This one was a little different though. Daree already knew exactly what he wanted to be the illustrated portion, and I basically had to come up with a typographic solution to compliment that.

bbac 10 Terryl Howell GuaveDeArtist

The final illustration – GuavaDeArtist

When I got the illustration, the first thing I noticed was how detailed everything was. I decided the glyphs I was going to create had to be sleek and somewhat minimalistic, but at the same time really easy to read.

The process started with printing the illustration and sketching variations of simplistic strokes around it. When I had a basic idea of where I wanted to go nailed, I then reproduced them digitally and continued modifying them from there. The “10” to compliment the “BBAC” was a complete custom job as well, and it was designed to directly contrast the letters before it… as well as include a neat little feature that hopefully most people will be able to spot.

BBAC 10 wordmark N'kenge drew type logo design wordmark

The BBAC 10 wordmark.

Looking at the bits and pieces I have left from creating this, I think a new typeface may soon be in the works. We’ll see what happens…